The Project Management Center for Excellence at the University of Maryland offers the following three types of Executive Project Management (ePM) programs:

In addition to these ePM Programs, the Center also delivers an annual two-day VIRTUAL Project Management Symposium that features four keynote speakers and 55 individual sessions in five concurrent tracks. Project management professionals representing government, industry and academia from around the globe join together to share their project management experiences. Learn More!

edX Professional Certificate Programs

These online Professional Certificate Programs were specifically designed to deliver long term solutions to your toughest project management challenges. Quality content delivered to you, right when you need it! Professional education that is convenient, affordable and can be implemented immediately.

Agile Project Management

Deliver innovative solutions by unleashing your team’s potential.

Construction Management

Learn how to manage and deliver successful construction projects.

Product Management

Lead the product life cycle from discovery to delivery.

Program Management and the Art of Communication

Master the communication skills you need to succeed.

Program Management: Enabling Value Driven Change

Learn how to manage and lead change with programs

Re-Imagining Leadership

Build the power skills that foster a positive workplace.

Transforming Your Company’s Data Analytics: Championing the Digital Enterprise

Drive your career forward.

Professional Short Courses

If you want a more personalized experience than our online Professional Certificates, then our Professional Short Courses are the perfect option. We start with the online content from our Professional Certificates and add in interactive online Zoom meetings between you, the Professor and the other students enrolled in the course. It provides an opportunity for you to ask questions of the professor plus the ability to share and learn from the experiences of other students.

Below are the Professional Short Courses that we are currently offering.

Agile Project Management

Join a cohort of peers to learn the frameworks, planning, innovation, leadership, and management techniques you need to run effective Agile teams.

Championing the Digital Enterprise: Leading Digital Transformation with Low-Code/No-Code Data Analytics – Summer 2022

Accelerate your mastery of digital transformation with expert coaching and applied projects from the University of Maryland. Course starts August 4, 2022.

Conversational Leadership

Leverage the power of conversation to unlock creative thinking, innovation and continuous self-improvement for you, your organization, and the broader community.

Product Government Course

Explore how to move from project to product in the government in order to make empowering, data-driven decisions and scale up delivery of products our customers truly love (and you will, too!).

Strategic Portfolio Management: Utilizing ANSI/PMI Standard to Achieve Strategy through Managed Portfolios

Gain strategic value of managed portfolios by implementing industry standard performance domains. Build a portfolio structure that is managed effectively and efficiently with tailored capacities and capabilities.

What’s Your Big PM Challenge?

Custom Team Training

We can customize content from our Professional Certificates specifically for your group or organization. Project management faculty will work with you to provide in-person or virtual customized training specifically designed for your needs.

Use the contact form below and let us know what you need. We look forward to hearing from you.

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