Digital Entrepreneurship: Leveraging Digital Transformation for your Side Hustle or Startup

The online course to help you build your digital business using Dynamic Capabilities, Strategic Foresight, Blue Ocean Strategies, and the new technologies to scale up your side hustle/startup and make extra cash.

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What You Will Learn

  • The power of the fitness landscape, dynamic capabilities, strategic foresight, and digital transformation strategy to create the digital entrepreneurship game plan for your side hustle/startup.
  • Use design thinking, agile project management, digital technologies, automation, and data analytics to build and optimize your best side hustle to make extra cash while keeping your full-time job or building a startup to replace your day job.
  • Go beyond traditional marketing by implementing Customer Education to give your side hustle/startup business processes a strategic advantage in the marketplace.
  • How to implement a side hustle/startup digital business model that runs itself using new technologies like artificial intelligence tools and Web3.
  • Successfully telling the story of your side hustle/startup to customers and investors using artificial intelligence and data analytics paired with persuasive story-based presentation methods.

About This Short Course

In this online course, we help entrepreneurs build competitive dynamic capabilities using digital technologies and artificial intelligence for their side hustle/startups. Using Blue Ocean Strategy and the fitness landscape model, we help entrepreneurs find the best side hustle that most effectively uses the new technologies and automation. This online course provides digital transformation tools and methods to fashion a digital enterprise that runs on its own while you are busy at your day job. We will help build the appropriately scaled side hustle/startup that best uses new technologies to execute a digital transformation strategy to attract new customers and creates new markets.

Who will benefit from this online course? Four kinds of entrepreneurs:

1. Micro-founders: Maybe you want to create a solo business using digital technologies and automation to provide extra income. According to the best verifiable data from the U.S. Census, 92% of all American small businesses in 2014 were micro-businesses (fewer than ten employees). If the 92% figure holds, there are nearly 30 million micro-businesses out of the 32.5 million small businesses estimated in 2022. Micro-founders have a lot of competition, and this course will provide them with a digital transformation entrepreneurship strategy to best use the digital technologies needed to create effective business models. If you want to find the best side hustle ideas to make extra cash to supplement your full-time work, this entrepreneurship online course is for you!

2. Self-Employment Freedom Seekers: Like many during the Great Resignation in 2020, you wanted to gain complete control over your career. You quit your unsatisfying day job to find personal success and meaning through entrepreneurship by launching a digital technologies startup. Or your side hustle has grown into your full-time small business thanks to artificial intelligence, automation, and other digital technologies. This digital entrepreneurship course will help you create a digital business model to build an exponential organization that could become the next digital transformation business success story like Amazon.

3. Digital Intrapreneurs: Most of your career has been spent in large organizations where you tried to use the new digital technologies to help the organization better reach its strategic goals and mission through a digital transformation strategy. This online course will help you be an effective organizational change agent by training you in the latest digital transformation concepts and technologies while improving your persuasive storytelling skills.

4. Social Entrepreneurs: For these entrepreneurs, their side hustle is making a difference in the world using digital technologies. Yes, making a full-time living is vital, but social entrepreneurs want to use good digital business practices to create a better world while making extra cash. This course will teach you valuable social entrepreneurship digital transformation tools and techniques to build your ideal social side hustle/startup using automation and artificial intelligence.

In this online entrepreneurship course, you are not just learning theory. You will have plenty of hands-on activities to practice the new digital technologies. For your final project, build a digital transformation roadmap for your digital side hustle/startup, including a business model canvas, an artificial intelligence/automation strategy, and a customer experience program that will give you the best side hustle/startup ideas. We will discuss how to best use existing markets like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Fiverr to create a digital transformation entrepreneurship model for your business. You will also learn how to use virtual assistants, affiliate marketing, automation, and automation to effectively to enhance your side hustle/startup. Learn how to tell a compelling digital transformation story to your stakeholders, colleagues, and customers. Harness the power of data analytics and digital technologies so your side hustle/startup will succeed in the digital age.

Why this digital technologies entrepreneurship course now?

Since the 2020 pandemic, the number of small digital technologies side-hustle/startups has soared to record levels in every major country globally. Thanks to the new digital technologies and the rise of Web3, artificial intelligence tools, and automation, entrepreneurs are discovering the power of digital transformation to create the best side hustle/startup to better compete in existing markets or create new markets. This digital technologies entrepreneurship online course will help you build a successful side hustle or a full-scale digital startup using tested digital transformation strategies, business models, and business processes.

Why take this online course when there are many digital transformation entrepreneurship online courses? The significant advantage of this online digital entrepreneurship course is that we focus on the latest developments in digital transformation strategies by using a unique model that combines dynamic capabilities, Blue Ocean Strategy/fitness landscape, artificial intelligence tools, automation-based business processes, Web3 tools, and strategic foresight. Our unique digital technologies entrepreneurship business model easily scales from an extra cash side hustle to a fulfilling full-time replacement of your day job.

Digital entrepreneurship is built on the best practices from traditional business entrepreneurship, knowledge entrepreneurship, and institutional entrepreneurship. This course will focus on the four digital transformation strategies of effectively using digital technologies, devising new value creation methods and customer experience techniques, implementing beneficial digital technologies structural changes, and employing useful financial techniques to fund your new digital technologies side hustle/startup and make extra cash.

What sets this online course apart from the other digital transformation entrepreneurship online courses is that the facilitator gives you the latest digital transformation strategy concepts he has tested in three decades of digital technologies entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. Not only will you receive valuable digital business model instruction and coaching, but you will also leave the course with an actionable digital transformation business strategy ready to implement on day one of your new digital technologies side hustle/startup.

At A Glance

  • 6 Sessions, 1 Per Week Up to 8 hours per week
  • Course Materials Review online course materials at your pace before each working session
  • Online Working Sessions Connect with the instructor and other students
  • 3 one-hour personalized career coaching sessions Schedule a time that works for you
  • Earn a UMD Completion Certificate plus 36 PDUs Support from staff and faculty
  • Digital Business Model Portfolio Apply your knowledge and skills by developing your own personalized digital transformation business model you can immediately apply to your new digital technologies side hustle/startup
  • edX Professional Certificate Learn More, Go Further Optionally take this workshop with the edX Professional Certificate: Transforming Your Company’s Data Analytics: Championing the Digital Enterprise

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Picture of Dr. Bill Brantley Your Instructor

Bill Brantley

My goal in teaching is not only to convey a body of knowledge but also help the student incorporate that knowledge into their careers and life. Teaching is not just about transmitting knowledge but also developing the student’s abilities as a critical thinker and an independent scholar.


Week 1
Week 1
  • The imperative for digital transformation entrepreneurship
  • Characteristics of digital technologies side hustles/startups
  • What are Web3, artificial intelligence, automation, and other digital technologies?
  • How this online course works, including highlights of significant assignments that will aid you in building the best side hustle/startup business model and business processes
Week 2
Week 2
  • Fundamentals of digital transformation (culture, people, technology) as applied to entrepreneurship
  • The power of dynamic capabilities, Blue Ocean Strategy/fitness landscapes, artificial intelligence, automation, and strategic foresight in finding the best digital technologies side hustle ideas or startup ideas
  • Preparing your side hustle/startup for digital transformation entrepreneurship including how to work with virtual assistants and automated business processes
  • Creating a Business Model Canvas to guide the entrepreneurship digital transformation journey from side hustle to startup
Week 3
Week 3
  • Using design thinking to find new markets and new customers through creating the best customer experience
  • Managing a portfolio of data analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence projects to create digital transformation dynamic capabilities for your digital technologies side hustle/startup
  • Developing a Value-Proposition Canvas to plan initiatives that will create the best digital technologies products and services to serve your customers/clients and implement your digital entrepreneurship strategy
Week 4
Week 4
  • Why and how are digital technologies side hustles/startups decision factories?
  • What makes a good digital transformation entrepreneurship business decision - foresight and scenario planning
  • Effectively using lean data analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation to tame the flood of data and prevent information obesity
  • Create self-running digital business processes using artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and no-code/low-code applications development tools
  • Develop a Digital Transformation Concept-of-Operations to guide your digital technologies side hustle/startup business process
Week 5
Week 5
  • Persuading with data analytics
  • The basics of storytelling as applied to data analytics
  • Training customers and implementing a great customer experience with data analytics
  • Create a digital transformation pitch deck to gain support from your customers and stakeholders
Week 6
Week 6
  • Digital Transformation Side Hustle/Startup Pitch Day – give your pitch deck and receive feedback from the instructor and fellow students
  • Future-proofing the Digital Technologies Side Hustle/Startup
  • Designing your 90-Day Digital Transformation Action Plan to make your digital technologies side hustle/startup plan a reality