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THE CHALLENGE We live in an increasingly hyperconnected world. This has resulted in massive complexity, which in turn has lead to a volatile, unpredictable, confusing and ambiguous place to live. We face many challenges as a consequence of this complexity, not just in business but at personal, family, societal and global levels. Here are three of  the more significant issues: Given we make poor decisions, how do we make sense of this complexity in order to improve our decision making?We need to act and to innovate to create the world we wish to see but given the complexity, how do . . .
You may have heard much about digital transformation and the benefits it can bring your organization. However, you’ve also heard that many digital transformation projects fail. So what can you do to reap the rewards of digital transformation while avoiding the pitfalls? Use this three-step process to help you plan your digital transformation projects. The first step is digital sensing, the second step is digital seizing, and the third step is digital transformation. Each step has activities to help you set up your digital transformation project for success. Step One – Digital Sensing: Start with the digital scouting activity,which involves . . .
Ineffective communications between project managers, their teams and their clients can have a disastrous effect on project outcomes. Even when miscommunication is clearly the culprit, many project managers simply don’t know how to constructively address the problem, instead chalking the experience up to usual and even acceptable risks of project management. The lack of a carefully thought-out communications strategy with the appropriate tools to regulate and store information can ultimately cause companies to lose millions of dollars. Here are five important reasons why poor communication can cause a project to fail: Misunderstandings. In the late 1990s, NASA and the European Space . . .
Happiness in the workplace isn’t an oxymoron.  It’s a highly competitive strategy.  Just ask Zappos, Coca-Cola, AECOM, Super Media, Google, and others.  Some companies even have chief happiness officers.  It’s that strategically important. What is happiness?  Happiness at work? Happiness is a surplus of positive over negative emotions plus a sense of satisfaction with life overall.  And, it includes: Authenticity – being yourself, acting on your values, using your unique strengthsRelationships – personal and work relationships which are positive and supportiveMeaning and purpose – having a clear and meaningful why for the work you doGrowth and mastery – having an . . .
Digital transformation is the process of modifying or creating new business by incorporating digital technologies. It is a top priority for large enterprises, especially if they expect to continue growing. But it’s a very risky undertaking. Although most large corporations have digital transformation near the top of their agenda, barriers remain. Without the knowledge and guidance to direct your steps through this transformation, your company could be among many that will have failing digital transformation projects. Here are five important reasons why ineffective digital transformation processes can go wrong — and how to mitigate your risks. Poor planning, communication and . . .