Professional Certificate in

Project Risk Management: Effective Decision Making Strategies

Enable better, more confident decision making with program and project risk management

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the fundamentals or risk and how to develop a proper assessment of risk using expert judgement.
  • Gain the skills in modeling budgets and project schedules with uncertain values for cost, duration, and resources.
  • Apply simulation in evaluating projects and their potential for positive return on investment under uncertainty.
  • Understand decision making theory and the application of both cognitive science and economics in our thinking about projects.
  • Know how to apply risk transfer and insurance to reduce owner and vendor risk through financial markets.


Today’s organizations find themselves in increasingly competitive markets. Competitors move fast and consumer demands evolve even faster. The risks inherent to delivering successful projects in this environment are substantial. The understanding of project risks and the capability successfully to grapple with them is critical to success.

Simplistic schemes for managing project risk which benefit little from modern decision science or statistics do little to help managers. These may actually do more harm than good. The state-of-the-art project manager can do better.

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Certificate At A Glance

  • Expert Instruction 3 Skill Building Courses
  • Self-Paced Progress at your own speed
  • 3 Months 2 - 3 hours per week
  • $537.30 For the full program experience Regularly $597.00 when paying per-course
  • 30 Professional Development Units (PDUs) Earn PDUs toward your Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Mangement Professional (PMP) certification

Job Outlook

  • Senior Project Managers salary: $117,827 (Glassdoor).
  • Job Volume: 132,763 job postings in the U.S. between June 2019 - June 2021 for jobs seeking “project risk management” as a skill.
  • PMI estimates growth for Project Manager positions will be 33% through 2027.


Your Instructor

Gregory Baecher

Professor Baecher is an experienced risk and reliability engineer with years of experience in the civil engineering and infrastructure industry. It is important to him that students develop an understanding of risk management on large and small projects and within programs.

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