Program Management and the associated Organizational Challenges

Program management is reaching a stage of maturity where organizations worldwide are realizing the clear linkages between the program management discipline and their ability of achieving their most complex missions.  So why does program management matter?

In this world of being continuously impacted by the enterprise environmental factors within the VUCA environment (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity), leaders are struggling with balancing excessive demands of their customers, developing internal talent, and the pressures to rethink the way of working and achieving superb outcomes at speed.

The VUCA environment increases the strategic risks that companies must face.  Leaders need to provide guidance on how to best mitigate the risks while maintaining laser focus on achieving outcomes.

In the figure below, the 8 highlighted program management challenges are a sample of the multitude of the growing list of challenges that we face in managing key initiatives of tomorrow’s organizations.  Many of the program challenges professionals and organizations face could also be mapped to the suggested process, people, and culture buckets shown.  It is becoming clear that in order to tackle these challenges we need to be equipped with a mix of the right processes, enabling tools, and foremost be equipped with the right differentiating competencies that will be needed in the future work places.

Program Management at the Center of Achieving Strategic Outcomes

One needs to get the opportunity to learn and understand the delicate balance between program and change management.  It would be great to count on several world class examples of case studies that propel us into the future of data use and its role in program delivery, innovative decision-making tools, and the appreciation of the human side of change.  Program management also provides a strategic opportunity to use that discipline as a central point for driving excellence in tomorrow’s organizations.

The different strategic future leaders’ roles, such as the conductor, the change maker, holistic leader, and storyteller are all centered around the qualities that will support us on the path to lead the world’s most meaningful programs!

The Program and Product Managers jobs have never been more demanding.  The speed of change in markets and the comprehensive nature of transformation programs require both discipline and flexibility needed to adapt in real time. Leaders need to be agile, be politically savvy, and manage incredible complexity and align diverse stakeholders. 

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