Bill Brantley

Faculty, University of Maryland Project Management Center for Excellence Consultant, BAS2A Training Specialist, US Navy Inspector General

My goal in teaching is not only to convey a body of knowledge but also help the student incorporate that knowledge into their careers and life. Teaching is not just about transmitting knowledge but also developing the student’s abilities as a critical thinker and an independent scholar.

Dr. Brantley is a scholar of leadership theory and development, organizational theory, project management, and communication theory. Along with a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management, he has a Master’s in Political Management, an MBA in Project Management, and a Master’s in Education in Organizational Leadership, Performance, and Change. Dr. Brantley holds over fifty certifications including three project management certifications, agile coaching certification, five HR certifications, and a data scientist certification. He has completed over 100 hours of coaching training from the Neuroleadership Institute, the American Confidence Institute, emotional intelligence coaching, and the Global Team Coaching Institute. He is the author of "The Persuasive Project Manager: Communicating for Understanding" (2019) and "Four Scenarios for the Future of the Federal Government: Collected Essays on Transforming Government" (2019).

Dr. Bill Brantley currently works in the U.S. Navy Inspector General Office as a Senior Training Specialist. He has been a program manager for the Emerging Leader Program and Supervisor Certificate Program at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He also managed the Executive Coaching and the Career Coaching Programs. Dr. Brantley was awarded the 2019 Emerging Training Leader by Training Magazine for his work in the recovery and redesign of the agency-wide Supervisor Certificate Program. The Emerging Training Leader is a national award given out annually to the top 25 training leaders in the industry, government, and the nonprofit sector.

He thrives in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) environments - much like the environment the federal government is facing. Dr. Brantley's success stems from blending a diversity of talent and ideas to reframe problems and create novel solutions. He is the person that management calls on to operationalize a mission or vision. Whether it is creating a coaching culture at a 13,000+ person Federal agency, building a government-wide "consultancy" to help agencies recruit and train mission-critical occupations, or reinvigorating an Executive Coaching Program around "leadership branding." Dr. Brantley's passion is to help transform government to serve citizens and the government workforce better.

He excels at identifying and conceptualizing innovative programs and initiatives that significantly affect organizational goals while helping employees achieve more in their work. He leverages his well-developed project management, design thinking, and evaluation skills to manage programs efficiently and effectively. Dr. Brantley has built high-performing teams by bringing together people with diverse talents and ideas and creating the team members' psychological safety and trust to flourish and innovate. Dr. Brantley excels at bringing together people with various skills and ideas and developing the team members' psychological safety and trust to thrive and innovate.