The Program Manager – Applying Power Skills and Digital Enablers to Create Continual Change

Learn the practices surrounding the creating of the healthy change culture, explore the power skills future leaders must possess, appreciate how digitalization contributes to program managers’ success, and practice how to balance the human and connected demands for the future of work.


What You Will Learn

  • How to create the culture for change-making, the attributes for a healthy “change culture, setup.
  • Program Stakeholders analysis and engagement and sensing the approach refinement across the program life cycle.
  • The Power Skills and how to master these skills to drive the future success of program managers
  • The importance of connecting various stakeholders to the big picture while balancing the demands of the short term and the various program/project roles.
  • Explore the value proposition of becoming program professionals.
  • Where digitalization is heading in affecting the role program managers and the human and connected future of work.

About This Course

The future of business is change-focused. Multiple facts are disrupting tomorrow’s organizations and if they are not change-ready, they will fail.

The ratio of changing the business to running the business will be much higher in future organizations;
Programs success is now clearly centered on stakeholder satisfaction;
The skills revolution is here to stay
In this course, you will learn how to become a changemaker and build the culture to continuously align the program team members to the NorthStar of a given organizational transformation journey. You will understand how to work in a cross functional way across multiple projects contributing to a program’s vision. You will, over four weeks, understand the critical role of program stakeholders and ways to prioritize your engagement strategies. In addition to learning the mix of power skills for operating in future organizations, you will balance that learning with the role of digitalization in changing where program managers will be spending their time to create the most program value in the future.

At A Glance

  • Expert Instruction Build Skills
  • Self-Paced Progress at your own speed
  • 4 Weeks 2-3 hours per week
  • Free or $249.00 For the full program experience Discounted to $224.10 when you purchase the full Program Management: Enabling Value Driven Change Professional Certificate Program.
  • 10 Professional Development Units (PDUs) Earn PDUs toward your Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Mangement Professional (PMP) certification
Your Instructor

Al Zeitoun

Dr. Zeitoun is a Future of Work, business optimization, and operational performance excellence thought leader with global experiences in strategy execution.


Week 1

The first week focuses on change-making and starts with understanding the value and attributes of a healthy culture. A UAE transformation program story will guide understanding of customer-centered solutions.

Week 2

The second week makes clear the distinct difference between delivering program results and achieving the true valuable outcomes while engaging stakeholders. Tailored stakeholders’ analysis and engagement techniques will be explored.

Week 3

The third week gets into the importance and development of Power Skills. Examples of thought leaders in these skills will support the practice of unlearning and upskilling necessary for program leaders. An explanation of the PgMP certification will be used to explain the benefits strategist role in tomorrow’s organizations.

Week 4

The last week covers the vital digitalization impact on program management and a white paper will be used to connect the program view with the digital backdrop. A Human Equation will be used to showcase the balancing needed in tomorrow’s connected and hybrid organizations.

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