Product Government Course

Explore how to move from project to product in the government in order to make empowering, data-driven decisions and scale up delivery of products our customers truly love (and you will, too!).

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What You Will Learn

  • Understand the key differences between product and project management.
  • Learn who's doing product management well, and how they did it.
  • Explore the product lifecycle and the market lifecycle, to know how to drive adoption of innovation.
  • Gain a product mindset for better culture and leadership that's truly customer-centric in its vision and empowering in its approach
  • Advance your understanding of test-driven planning and development, with data science and decision-making
  • Break away from uninformed agile scaling arguments, and learn how the best scale up cyber-physical product delivery

About This Short Course

Product Management is a renewing or, in some ways, emerging field - and it is critical to our nation's competitiveness. Product Managers most often lead large-scale software teams, and they must consider all aspects of the product: the customer, the government, and the technology. Doing this well doesn't mean reversing into waterfall from agile, or jumping into delivery without a plan. Product Management has matured with technologies from DevOps, the Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and Agile at Scale to enable fast learning and delivery. The main function of a product manager is to plan and the way they do it is by testing hypotheses with prototypes, discovery groups, split testing, and other means of fast feedback.

This course explores what's possible with modern product management in the government. It separates dogma from science about how to use agile techniques and when to use them to scale up delivery. It provides a look at who's using modern Lean-Agile Product Management to deliver everything - from spacecraft to aircraft to software. Most importantly, this course provides a solid foundation for those just learning about or refreshing their knowledge on product management so they can engage in informed conversations on how to improve delivery of products that customers love and work for the government.

We are the government, and the government is us. We are also all the government's customers, whether directly or indirectly. From the frontlines to the phone lines, from the military service to health and human services, we all benefit when we serve either the public directly or indirectly with better products. Let's start the customer-centric government movement right here, by getting smart on what is product management and how it can force us to think in terms of value and speed of relevance our products provide.

At A Glance

  • Quick, Self-Paced Video Lessons Learn everything you need in under 2 hours to get started in Product
  • Test Your Product-Agile Maturity Explore your maturity with the PAGE Survey Product and Agile in Government Expertise (PAGE) survey supports ongoing learning about product in government
  • Save 20% of Product Government Kickoff Conference Save 20% when you complete the PAGE Survey
  • Earn a Certificate on Completion Watch all the videos and complete the survey to earn your Product Government Certificate
  • edX Professional Certificate Learn More, Go Further Optionally take this workshop with the edX Professional Certificate: Product Management

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Your Instructor

John Johnson

I'm passionate about what works as both scientific principles and best practices in project and product management. Teaching is leading leaders, so my first goal is to engage with compelling reasons to change their thinking. Our shared goal is to empower their teams to delight customers while also serving the organization and society that supports them.


Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Product and Agile in Government
Lesson 3
Product Lifecycles
Lesson 4
Product Culture -- Mindsets
Lesson 5
Product Culture -- Leadership
Lesson 6
Data and Decision Making for Products
Lesson 7
Product Management at Scale